These are just some of the personal experiences that have been shared with us over the past number of years.  These include testimonials related to:

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My first experience with Winnipeg Reflexology came in the winter of 2007… I hobbled up the stairs of their St. Mary’s Road location wearing only one shoe and on crutches as I had been completely rocked by an absolute horrific case of gout.

My foot and toes were so badly swollen I could not wear a shoe and the simple act of putting a sock on was unbearable. I had missed a week of work and I was feeling much, much older than my middle age.

Having suffered with recurring bouts of gout I tried internet cures, traditional cures from the Farmer’s Almanac and of course my own doctor who suggested the only hope for me was to completely change my lifestyle and take powerful anti-inflammatory medication (possibly for the rest of my life)

A respected herbalist suggested I make an appointment with Winnipeg Reflexology and a couple of days later I found myself receiving my first treatment. The treatment (while a little painful at the time) brought me dramatic relief and subsequent visits eliminated my gout.

While I used to have outbreaks of gout many times a year I attribute my ongoing reflexology treatments to virtually eliminating it. And get this: I still enjoy beer, wine, shellfish and many other of the trigger foods that used to bring on the fiery pain and swelling of gout within hours.

It’s now 2013 and I continue my weekly treatments to this day, having used reflexology to treat headaches, insomnia, arthritic pain minor injuries such as my back being put out I also find the treatments invaluable for treating the chronic pain of a shoulder injury I sustained in a 2009 bicycle accident that required multiple surgeries.

While I am not suggesting Reflexology as a replacement for Western medicine I can honestly say it has done amazing things for me personally. I have also sent many friends and family members to Winnipeg Reflexology who have been extremely happy with their results. I have a friend from Calgary who routinely visits Winnipeg and always makes a point to visiting the little building at 771 St. Mary’s claiming the relief she gets for her stomach condition is unmatched by anything else she has done.

Reflexology is a very old practice requiring tremendous understanding of the human body and we are blessed to have one of the very best practitioners in North America right here in Winnipeg.

I was happy to see the well-known Doctor Oz on the Oprah Winfrey show a few years ago talking about the benefits and said to myself “finally people are getting it.

If pain has become a steady companion of yours I strongly suggest you become friends with Winnipeg Reflexology. They gave me my life back and I bet they bet they can help you too.

W. Yaskew

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Chronic Back Pain

I had the chance to visit Chin 15 years ago, with very severe back pain, and at the time I went into his office, I could hardly get myself out of my car, but I managed and to go in to see Chin.  He had performed 3 treatments on me, and about 7 reflexology treatments to this day, I have not had the same problem.  I’m now in Alberta, but if I experience any problems again, I would make the trip to see Chin before I did anything else.  I highly recommend Chin for the great work that he is doing.

E. Straza

I came to your office approximately 6 months ago with chronic back pain.  At that time the doctor told me to learn to live with the pain, but if it got worse he would prescribe pain killers. I had tried a chiropractor but that did not seem to help.  I felt there had to be a better way to deal with this.

I just happened to be in this area at the time and saw your sign.  I have always been fascinated by reflexology and decided to give it a try.  I explained to you my situation and I remember you telling me back then that you made no guarantees to cure , but you did assure me I would feel better after coming at least 10 times.

I stared coming twice a week at first, then once a week and now I am coming once a month. I can honestly say I feel better than ever.  It has taken time, but I feel much better now than I did prior to coming here.  I have more energy and am able to walk around and get from a sitting position without any pain.  I have no more muscle spasms and that’s thanks to you an reflexology.  My husband also comes for reflexology and he agrees that reflexology does work.

I think people need need to sit up and take notice with regards to our medical system.  Alternative medicine is not getting the recognition it deserve.  Can anyone tell me where today that your doctor will give you 45 minutes of his undivided attention?  That’s what you do Chin – and you do it very well!  You are genuinely interested in your patients.  Keep up the good work and hopefully more of us will be putting our best feet forward!!!

D. Armstrong

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Ankle & Knee Pain

On weekend of August 24th and 25th 1997 I had almost continuous pain in my left ankle and knee.  The pain was so severe, I couldn’t hardly sleep for 2 nights.  To further my complications, I have to walk on a cement floor at work 8 hours a day.  Sunday evening my wife and I had coffee at a donut shopwith some friends of ours.  The conversation came up, how to deal with this pain.

My friend "Cam" suggested I should go to see this reflexologist, I told him I had been going to see a chiropractor to eliminate this pain in my back.  Although a chiropractor will put my bone structure in place, a reflexologist will eliminate the pain in my nerves and ligaments.  Dr. Chin-Hwa Chu told me that a reflexologist will work on my nerves and ligaments that run throughout my body.

Since I have been coming here, my back pain and the pain in my ankle and knee has almost totally gone away.

Dr. Chin-Hwa Chu says to me, no one should have to suffer in pain for the rest of our life.  I believe this to be true, because I have noticed a lot of small aches and pains have already been eliminated.

B. Hiebert 

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I have been receiving treatments from Dr. Chin at Winnipeg Reflexology for the last three years and would like to share my experience.  Prior to visiting Dr. Chin I had tried various other techniques such as massage therapy, alternative medicine techniques, chiropractic but without relief.  When I starting seeing Dr. Chin I presented with the following symptoms – facial numbness, upper beck/shoulder pain, mid back rib cage tightness, knee/leg pain, eye problems, burning sensation in my stomach accompanied by bloating and overall feeling of fatigue and pain (specialist diagnosis of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue).  He performed various techniques such as cupping, scraping, acupuncture and reflexology which over a period of time alleviated much of my discomfort.  I continue to see Dr. Chin on a regular basis because I feel it is the only technique that has brought me back to a normal way of living. I truly appreciate everything that he has done for me during the course of my rehabilitation adn forever grateful.

Thank you Chin.

A. Place

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Skin Conditions

Early this year I decided to try reflexology because I had been searching for an alternative therapy that would improve my health.  I had been diagnosed with scleraderma eleven years ago when my health had been deteriorating quite rapidly.  At that time I participated in an experimental detox program which gradually improved my condition.  Fortunately, my health stabilized and I remained at that stage over these years.  However, my recent decision to try reflexology was made because of my constant pain and my concern that my health would deteriorate again.  I also really hoped to improve my health and overcome some of my physical limitations.

After a few reflexology sessions it was obvious that my body was in fact eliminating toxins.  The symptoms that I experienced after the treatment were very similar to those that had occurred during my previous detox program.  These reactions continued to occur regularly over a long period of time.  My symptoms of chronic sinus pain and coughing caused by allergies were relieved, this I no longer required antihistamines.  Also, the constant pain in my joints and tendons have been relieved to the point where I rarely require pain-killers and I have been able to increase my physical activities.

It is evident that reflexology is improving my health.  I have received over eighty treatments since I began (two or three times weekly), and  plan to continue as long as it is beneficial.  I am also trying to assist my recovery by improving y diet and gradually increasing my exrercise.  Apparently, recovery from chronic illness requires a lot of work and perseverance, not just on my part but especially by my reflexologist.  This is a partnership.  If I had realized that reflexology detoxified and actually healed the body, I would have begun these treatments years ago!

S. Rosche

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In June 2000, after not feeling well, my doctor sent me for a CT scan, which showed I had a 3 1/2 cm cyst on my pancreas.  My doctor wanted to do a biopsy, however I had just had a lengthy recover from a surgery I had in November, 1999 and I did not want to have another operation.  So she said she would repeat the CT scan in 8 weeks. I had heard great thing about reflexology, however I did not know of anyone who did it.  I spoke with my husband about it and a friend of his referred me to Chin.

I started to see Chin the first week of July, 2000.  He said he could not guarantee that he could get rid of his cyst but he would try his best.  He wanted me to come twice a week.  I didn’t know if I could afford it, but my husband and kids encouraged me that you could not put a price tag on  your health and I should give it a try, and so I did.  Two months later I went for another CT scan, and it still showed the cyst to be the same size.  Although, I was feeling much better, I was a little discouraged by the results.  I told my doctor about Chin and she said I should continue to see him because the good news was that the cyst hasn’t grown.  I also still believed that somehow these treatments were going to work.

Six weeks later, I had an MRI x-ray done.  Guess what?  My pancreas no longer has a cyst on it!  My doctor was very surprised an unable to explain how it could have happened.

Statistics say that 90% of cysts on the pancreas are cancerous.  Pancreatic cancer is not curable at the stage where you are already feeling ill symptoms.  Usually you only have 3 to 6 months to live.  I am not sure if this cyst was cancerous or not as I never went for the biopsy.

Thanks to Chin’s hard work and treatments I am feeling fine.  My family was also right you can’t afford not to give Chin’s treatments a try.

A. Tougas

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Digestive Conditions

A few year ago I experienced several physical problems, notably nausea, loss of appetite, indigestion, bloated feeling after eating, constipation, loss of weight and energy, and insomnia.  Medical tests which were performed revealed nos ignificant explanatory diagnosis.  Having been treated medically for well over a year the symptoms persisted and no relief was obtained.  It was then that I decided to resort to alernative methods of treatment.

Acupuncture treatments were commenced in October, 1995.  Following five treatments the stomach symptoms had begun to be less acute.  It was at this time that reflexology treatments were pursued three times weekly.  These proved to be very painful with slight improvement noted in the beginning.  Self reflexology started approximately six weeks later to complement those given by the reflexologist.

Within two to three weeks on this program considerable progress was noted.  Stomach symptoms and short term constipation were relieved.  The longer term treatment results by Christmas were most encouraging.  The energy level had increased considerably, no more gastric problems existed, intestinal peristalsis had improved and insomnia was less severe.  During the course of these treatments a curvature of the lower spine was also straightened by the reflexologist within ten minutes, a procedure with which no pain was associated.

After three months of reflexology treatments I can truly state that my health has much improved and that I firmly believe that occidental medical treatment can be enhanced by alternative treatments offered by eastern medicine.


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