Course Timetable 2017

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Course Date Time Fees*
Meridian Studies Sunday, April 9 & 23, 2017  0830-1630 Enrollment Closed
Auricular Manipulation Sunday, Sep 17 & 24, 2017 0830-1630 $500, new enrollment
$200, refresher
Qua Sha Sunday, June 11, 2017 0900-1200 $80

*All fees are subject to GST 

Meridian Studies

A new concept of circulation will be the highlight of this course with a closer look at chi and blood circulation.  This will provide you with a better understanding about the natural progression of human diseases.  12 meridian charts, designed specifically for reflexologists, will also be introduced.  These charts will explain all 12 meridians, their pathways, their possible influence on the body, interaction among one another, and many diseases that result due to the congestion of chi.  The symmetry of the body; upper and lower, left and right, and the referral reflex area of each body part will also become more clear through this course.  You will learn to identify problem areas and solutions by incorporating the meridians and reflexology together, giving you a different approach of how human health can be maintained and improved upon.

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Auricular Manipulation

In this course, we will introduce the International Standard Auricular Chart and learn how to locate specific points in the ear to treat common ailments.  By learning to use these points correctly and effectively, we can eliminate the diseased condition of the body.  This will be accomplished through hands-on training with proper techniques, and with the use of an instrument (that will be provided for you).  In this course, you will experience the sensation associated with the energy flow of these points and learn about the effectiveness of ear manipulation for different conditions.

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Qua Sha

This course teaches you how to treat everyday pain and discomfort on your own.  With the use of a scraping tool and medicinal oil (which will be provided for you), you will learn the proper technique to rid the body of toxins, and the most effective areas used for pain relief.  An understanding of qua sha, scraping technique, and in-class practice will help build your confidence in treating yourself and others.

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