Our Practitioners

We currently have 3 practitioners working at our clinic in Winnipeg.

Chin Hwa Chu, DRAC., RCRT, MSc

A dedicated reflexologist, Chin was born in 1948 in China.  Raised in Hong Kong and Taiwan, he eventually moved to the United States, where he received a Masters in Chemical Engineering.  After his studies, Chin immigrated to Canada in 1976.  Chin has a diverse professional background in chemical engineering, chemistry, and financial planning.  In the early ‘90s, a drastic change of events in his family life, led Chin to seek alternative medical treatments to assist in his mother’s health after she suffered a stroke.  This search also led him to find remedies for his own illnesses.  Since then, Chin has been operating a successful practice in reflexology and acupuncture in Winnipeg for over 20 years.

Since opening his practice, he has dedicated much of his time in the research of reflexology and has written numerous training manuals, covering topics such as meridian studies, ear reflexology, advanced reflexology, and Chinese Qua Sha.  He is currently completing his Yin Yang Reflexology manual and starting a new manual in eye reflexology.  He has a firm belief in that all pain can be relieved, and is always encouraging people to challenge this belief by allowing him to treat them.  Of course, he has had his share of embarrassing moments, when he is stumped, but for him, the fun comes from these new challenges.  Remaining positive is the key.  A positive disposition coupled with a strong belief in reflexology is what keeps his clients happy.

Diana Chan, RCRT

Once Diana received her reflexology certification, she began practicing at Winnipeg Reflexology Etc.  Since 2007, she has worked alongside Chin and learned the many different techniques that he has developed, including Yin Yang Reflexology  She has been well versed in what the Eastern side of reflexology has to offer, allowing her to give her clients a more effective treatment.

Diana has an approachable demeanor and takes a personal interest in each one of her clients.  This translates well with them, as they often note how comfortable they are in her care.

Sherri Gunn, RCRT

Sherri became inspired to become a reflexologist after taking the foot reflexology course with Chin, over 10 years ago.  Since then, she has not looked back.  Her passion for reflexology continues to be fueled by the improvements she sees with her clients.  Many of them have expressed relief from chronic aches and pains, as well as improved sleeping habits.  Sherri not only works at Winnipeg Reflexology Etc, but also does house calls.